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Pure Gokshura (Gokharu) from Kerala – Gokharu, Bindii

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Tribulus Terrestris

Gokharu (Gokshura) is a widely used herb for urinary tract disorders and for the health of the kidneys, liver, and stomach. In traditional medicine, the decoction and direct application of Gokharu (Gokshura) are said to cure many ailments. In Ayurveda, hundreds of medicines are made using Gokharu (Gokshura).

We have the best variety of Gokshura from Palakkad, also known as the Gateway to the Nilgiris in Kerala. Our Gokshura grew in rain-shadow regions of Western Ghats.


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→ Gokshura is a traditional medicine for sexually transmitted diseases, obstetrics, skin diseases, and urinary tract infections. It is said that there is no better herb in nature other than Gokshura for the health of the kidneys. Gokshura is used for lifestyle ailments and as energy tonics. Drinking Gokshura medicated water daily is good for detoxification and purifying the blood.

→ For weight loss and fat burning, Gokshura may be a great alternative. Its steroidal saponins and flavanoids regulate cell metabolism and fat accumulation.

→ Gokshura (Gokharu) is great for skin infections and anti-aging skin paste. Antioxidants and bioactive agents in Gokshura will act as a protective shield on skin and prevent pigmentation and skin aging.

Gokshura also know as Gokharu, Puncture Vine, Caltrop, Yellow Vine, Goathead, Betha Gokharu, Gokhuru, Kachchhi, Ekanti, Mitha gokharu, Neggilu, Nerigilu, Negalmullu, Cheriya-Neringil, Nerungil, Saranta, Gokhur, Byala Nakha, Kant ka phala, Palankasha, Shardanga, Srungatka, Swadamshtra, Swadu Kantaka, Trikanta, Lotak, Pakra, Phangra, Chota Gokharu, Akkilu, Akkini, Accuram, Palleru.

Three factors to recognize best Gokharu (Gokshura) are,

1. Essential Oils and Oleoresins Content: Steroidal saponins and flavonoids are the main chemical components found in Gokshura. Best quality Gokshura will possess 70-90% of full plant steroidal saponins and flavanoids. The essential oil yield of best Gokshura must be 0.24-3.1 mg per ounce. Just crush some Gokshura dried fruits and put them in a glass of water. Estimate the thin layer of oil above water level. Our Gokshura will pass this quality test.

2. Antioxidants Content: In every dried herb, preserving antioxidants is a great task. We ensure a rich antioxidant presence through our unique drying process. We never air-dry or smoke the herb. If you burn a Gokshura fruit, it will turn brown, not black. Our Gokshura is perfectly dried and contains a substantial amount of antioxidants.

3. Physical Mandates: shape and size are big players. Our Gokshura is neither big nor small. Small Gokshura is literally garbage and too big is useless. Our Gokshura dimensions are perfect to get maximum goodness.

1. Try Our Herbs’ Gokshura is not planted, but grown in the wilderness of Kerala.

2. Our Gokshura plants are grown in the well-drained red soil of western ghats rain shadow valley, and get sunlight for almost 300 days in a year.

3. Try Our Herbs never overstock the herb. We only collect Svetakutaja as per demand.

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Our Signature Recipe with Gokharu (Gokshura)

Gokshura Locally Sourced from Palakkad – Kerala

Home Remedies with Gokharu (Gokshura)

1. Gokshura for Urinary Disorders: Gokshura Churna is considered the best home remedy for urinary tract infections (UTI). Dieuretic properties of Gokshura is incomparable. Gokshura cleanses urinary tracts and relieves pain. Gokshura with boiled water is another great daily habit for good health urinary glands and kidneys.

→ Usage: 1. To make Gokshura Churna, take 100 grams each of Gokshura, Triphala, Ginger, and Garlic. Grind all the herbs in a dry grinder and sun-dry the powder for 2-3 days to avoid moisture. Keep it in a glass jar and consume a tablespoon every morning.

2. To make medicated water with Gokshura, Take 30 grams of Gokshura and crush it with a grinder. Boil crushed Gokshura with 1.5 liters of water for 5 minutes. In lukewarm conditions, add a few drops of honey and consume 5-10 times throughout the day.

Gokshura for Men: Due to the aphrodisiac and calming nature of Gokshura, it is great to boost libido and happiness. For centuries ago, Gokshura was considered the best infertility herb in nature. Gokshura Churna is good for erectile dysfunction. It may give stamina and strength to male genitals. Gokshura will induce desire and produce more endorphins to get happy nights. Gokshura is used in the treatment of hypothermia -a low quantity of semen- because of its spermatogenic properties.

→ Usage: 1. Try Gokshura-Shatavari Churna for erectile dysfunction. To make, take 100 grams each of Gokshura, Shatavari, Palm Sugar, and Amla. Grind all the herbs in a dry grinder and sun-dry the powder for 2-3 days to avoid moisture. Keep it in a glass jar and consume a tablespoon every morning.

2. Try medicated water with Gokshura. Take 30 grams of Gokshura and crush it with a grinder. Boil crushed Gokshura and some Cinnamon with 1.5 liters of water for 5 minutes. Consume 50 ml of water daily, one hour before bed.

3. Gokshura powder may also work. Grind Gokshura and consume 20 grams daily.

Gokshura for Women Health and Gynacolegical Care: Gokshura is great for women’s health. Gokshura Churna is consumed by Postpartum women to replenish health and immunity. Gokshura is used to treat polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) and some thyroid problems. Gokshura also relieves menstrual pain.

→ Usage: To make a decoction take 50 grams of Gokshura, 30 grams of Brahmi, hundred grams of Shatavari, and 50 grams of palm sugar boil all the herb and Palm sugar with 1.5 liters of water and reduce the water quantity by 1/4. consume the decoction twice a day.

Gokshura for Happy Stomach: Gokshura is a catalyst for digestion. It helps to absorb all the goodness of food and make good bowel movements. Gokshura prevents the thickening of stomach walls and avoids abdominal pain. Gokshura is a great home remedy for amoebic dysentery. Gokshura may prevent different types of ulcer activity.

→ Usage: To make Gokshura-Amla Churna, take 100 grams of Gokshura, 50 grams of Amla, and 50 grams of Palm sugar. Grind all The herbs together. Sun-dry the powder for 2-3 days to avoid moisture and keep it in a glass jar. Use Churna twice a day.

Gokshura for Kidney and Liver Detox: By regulating Uric acid, Gokhura decoction may act at first hand on kidney health. To prevent kidney stones, Gokshura may coagulate the heavy particles and secrete them instantly from the kidneys. Gokshura contains bioactive agents same as Milk Thistle to maintain liver health and stamina.

→ Usage: To make Gokshura-Ashwagandha Churna, take 100 grams of Gokshura, 100 grams of Ashwagandha, and 100 grams of Palm sugar. Grind all The herbs together. Sun-dry the powder for 2-3 days to avoid moisture and keep it in a glass jar. Use Churna twice a day.

Gokshura for Skin: If you need the protection of skin from environmental pollutions, you can never bypass Gokshura. Gokshura has significant free radical scavenging properties. Applying Gokshura-Aloe Vera paste on the skin will give radiant skin without pigmentation and wrinkles. Gokshura will eliminate dark lines and pimples with its rich antioxidants. Taking Gokshura powder orally will help to maintain tender smooth skin without wrinkles.

→ Usage: To make Gokshura-Aloe Vera skin paste, grind the given Gokshura and make a fine powder. Every morning, Take 20 grams of Gokshura Powder and mix it with some Aloe Vera to make a paste. Apply it on the skin for 5-7 minutes and wash it off after 15 minutes.

Gokshura for Hair: Gokshura hair oil with Brahmi will help to cleanse the scalp and eliminate dandruff. It helps to grow more hair. Gokshura strengthens the hair roots and regulates the metabolism of hair follicles.

→ Usage: Boil one liter of olive oil with 250 grams of Gokshura and 100 grams of Brahmi. After 15-20 minutes, turn off the heat and filter out the oil. Use oil thrice a week.

Other Uses

1. expectorant: Gokshura Powder or Churna with Palm sugar is a good expectorant for cough.

2. Detox Steam: Steam with Gokshura powder will replenish skin and detox the body.

3. For Wounds: Can apply Gokshura directly to the wounds.

4. Animal Bites: This is a great home remedy for some animal bites (it’s a medical emergency, Never hesitate to consult a doctor).

5. cardiotonic properties: Gokshura Powder with milk is Great for a healthy heart (Avoid, if you have high blood pressure).

6. Migraine: Applying Gokshura paste internally and drinking Gokshura medicated water externally may help to curb migraine.

7. Detox Tea for Body Pain: Green Tea with Goksura is a great detox for the liver.

How to Use

Usage Alerts of Gokharu (Gokshura)

1. Not advisable for children below 7 years and for women during pregnancy.

2. Shelf life of Svetakutaja in original form in 12 months, and in powder form in 8 months.

3. If you are undergoing medication, consult a physician before consumption.

4. Gokshura has sharp edges, keep out from the reach of children. Always use a hand glove to handle Gokshura.

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Why Our Herbs are better?

◐ We, tryourherbs.com is a small batch herb collection company, and have no intensive farming and large Warehouses.  But we collect the best herbs in the Nation from all over Kerala and Southern Western Ghats parts of India. Our herb collectors collect the herbs early morning and dry it the same day it is harvested. Thus we ensure the herb power is locked in.

◐ We never test anything on animals and do sustainable plant marking to ensure the tree health and quality of habitat.

◐ We regulated our supply of herbs through authorized sources and ensure it is legally sourced according to the forest and wildlife acts.

ethical plant resourcing

◑ Our Plant Picking People are our Prime Asset and Investment.

◑ These Tribal People are Wise, They Know How to Pick a Plant Part for Medicine.

◑ They Never Destroy the full Plant. They Took Only What They Need. 

Drying the Herb Takes All

◒ We Never Air Dry the Herbs.

◒ Plant Pickers Dry the Herbs on Hot Rocks of Western Ghats Valley.

◒ We Never Dump Herbs in Dusty, Mouldy Warehouses. We Dry Herbs According to Demand.

Our Signature Recipe with Gokharu (Gokshura)

Good to know you are sourcing herbs ethically. It was very difficult to find quality herbs from large online stores. Then I find you. Deliver your promises. Thank you.
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Yes. Your Skin Type Doesn’t Matter. Your Attitude Matter. 

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Herb Collection No: 15 / 250 Grams

Pure Gokshura (Gokharu) from Kerala – Gokharu, Bindii

34 Offline Reviews | ✦✦✦✦✧


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