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Herb Collection No: 31 / 400 - 900 Grams

Pure Mulethi Powder from Kerala – Licorice, Liquorice, Yashtimadhu

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Glycyrrhiza Glabra

We sell the best Mulethi (licorice) in India. Our Mulethi contains more essential oil content, rich in bioactive agents, and has high antioxidants and flavanoids. Mulethi is considered the prime herb to heal epilepsy to skin diseases.

‘Try Our Herbs’ collects Mulethi from Kerala’s traditional farmers. Grown and dried in the same sunlight. Mulethi from Nilgiris is considered one of the best on the planet.

Mulethi is also known as Jethi-Madh, Mithilakdi, Jethimadh, Jeshtamadhu, Yastimadhu, Atimadhura, Erattimadhuram, Jashtimadh, Adimaduram, and Mulhatti.


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1. Mulethi (Licorice) is a quick remedy for respiratory tract infection and tonsillitis.

2. Mulethi has significant properties against stomach infections and ulcers.

3. Mulethi enhances natural immunity and stamina

4. Mulethi will purify the blood and is good to prevent kidney stones and fatty liver.

5. Mulethi controls Cholesterol level and regulates cell metabolism actions.

6. Mulethi is a great herb for skin ailments.

7. Mulethi is a great hair vitalizer to cleanse and hydrate.

and thousands of more usages. To get detailed information, please scroll down…

Three common methods to recognize best Mulethi are

1. ‘Play with Fire’ to Know the Content of Bioactive Agents: Take a dried Mulethi root and burn it in the fire. If the flame glows blue and a slight drizzle is heard (like a green bush fire), it is a well-grown and dried Licorice (Mulethi). Licorice root, which burns like a normal wooden stick, is of poor quality. Our Mulethi would burn with a snort of blue. That is our assurance.

2. Water Test for Essential Oil Content: Crush a little Mulethi root and put it in a glass of water. Within seconds, the oily mixture will dissolve in the water and the root will sink within ten minutes. It is a symptom of rich essential oil containing Mulethi root. Our Mulethi possesses excellent essential oil content (Pur Mulethi essential oil yield is around 1.7-4.5%).

3. Physical Dimensions and Appearance: The best Mulethi root has a circumference of 30 mm to 45 mm approximately. There will be thin skin and a slightly rough fleshy part. When you rub, the dust will fall off like sugar-coated on the cutting edges.

1. We have a standard procedure for sustainable plant picking. Our farmers collect roots from multi plants three times each in 4 seasons. This will never hurt the plant and the quality of the Licorice will be exceptional.

2. We adapt a unique herb drying process. Start to dry the same day it is harvested. Never use intense smokehouses and dryers. Drying in Western Ghats sunshine gives our Mulethi more antioxidant content.

3. We never overstock the herb. Cooperative societies of herb collecting people harvest the herbs only according to demand. Always avoid nasty warehouses.

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Our Signature Recipe with Mulethi

Mulethi Locally Sourced from Palakkad – Kerala

Home Remedies and Diets with Mulethi

Mulethi Diet for Respiratory Tract Infections: Glycyrrhizin is the main component in Mulethi to soothe respiratory tracts. Mulethi will accelerate the secretion of bronchial mucosa (NCBI) and relieve pain and infection. Mulethi flavored water will help to relax the breathing process and relieve cough. Mulethi also shows antibacterial activities against some respiratory bacteria like Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli. Steam with Mulethi may help to get rid of nasal congestion.

→ Usage: To make Mulethi flavored water, grind 300-gram Mulethi and make a fine powder. Keep it in a glass or ceramic jar. Every morning, Boil 1.5 liters of water and add a spoonful of Mulethi powder with it. Drink 6-7 times a day.

To make steam, Boil one liter of water and add a spoonful of Mulethi powder with it. Take facial steam for 5-7 minutes.

Mulethi Diet for Stomach Infections and Ulcers: The Carbenoxolone compound in Mulethi makes it a great happy stomach herb. Mulethi Churna may help with digestion and avoid constipation. Mulethi is widely used as a natural remedy for heartburn and acidity. Mulethi consumption will prevent the formation of stomach ulcers.

→ Usage: To make Mulethi Churna, Grind 300 grams of Mulethi and make a fine powder. Take a spoonful daily.

Mulethi Immunity and Stamina Diet: Mulethi contains more enzymes to protect from some pathogens. Mulethi with honey consumption may help to boost immunity and prevent autoimmune diseases. An NCBI study shows, the glycyrrhizin isotope found in Mulethi shows preventing activities against the influenza virus, by stopping the virus’s reproduction. It is shown that Mulethi may prevent allergy-induced infections.

→ Usage: To make Mulethi with honey tonic, Grind 300 grams of Mulethi and make a fine powder. Keep it in a glass or ceramic jar. Daily Take a spoonful of Mulethi powder and add some honey with it and consume.

Mulethi Diet for Liver and Kidneys: Mulethi is a great blood purifier. Glycyrrhizin in Mulethi helps to detox the liver with its powerful isotopes and enzymes. Mulethi consumption may reduce the formation of kidney stones, because of its diuretic properties. Some researches show that Mulethi may reduce the chances of liver cirrhosis. In traditional folk medicine and Ayurveda, Mulethi is used to treat Jaundice. Mulethi is also good for alcohol-induced and diclofenac-induced damages of the liver.

→ Usage: To make Mulethi Churna, Grind 300 grams of Mulethi and make a fine powder. Take a spoonful daily with warm water or milk.

Cardio Diet with Mulethi: Mulethi will reduce bad cholesterol. High antioxidants in Mulethi will act as a coagulant and purify the bloodstream. Mulethi with Amla is considered a perfect combo to cure and improve metabolic syndromes. Researches showed that bioactive agents in Mulethi will act plasma membrane level and repair.

→ Usage: To make Mulethi-Amla powder Grind the herbs in a 2:1 ratio and keep it in a glass or ceramic jar. Consume daily a spoonful with a glass of warm water.

Mulethi Diet for Skin: Internal and external application of Mulethi will help to replenish the skin. Licorice-Shatavari skin toner is a great way to moisturize your skin. It will remove hyperpigmentation and have age-defying looks. Consuming Mulethi with Svetakutaja will give an extra detox effect to the skin.

→ Usage: To know how to make Licorice-Shatavri toner, refer to our signature recipe video below.

To make Mulethi-Svetakutaja powder, Grind the herbs in a 2:1 ratio and keep them in a glass or ceramic jar. Consume daily a spoonful with a glass of warm milk.

Mulethi Diet for Hair: Applying Mulethi in hair externally will cleanse the scalp and do tissue level repairing. It may open hair roots and nurture hair follicles to grow more hair. Consuming Mulethi Churna will help to reduce hair fall and premature hair greying.

→ Usage: To make Mulethi hair oil, Boil 1.5 liters of Olive with 300 grams of Mulethi. After 15-20 minutes of boiling, turn off the heat. After cooling off filter out the Mulethi oil. Can apply 3 days a week.

Other Uses

1. Mulethi Diet for Reproductive Debility: Consuming Mulethi may increase libido in men and help ovulation for women.

2. Mulethi Diet for Memory Boosting: Mulethi is a memory herb too. Eating Mulethi will replenish the brain and nerves.

3. Mulethi as Culinary Herb: Mulethi is a great sugar alternative, and is widely used in confectionery.

4. Mulethi Diet for Menstrual Discomforts: To reduce menstrual irregularities and abdominal pain, Mulethi medicated water may help.

5. Mulethi Diet for Sorethroat: Mulethi with hot water is great for sore throat.

6. Mulethi Steam for Detox: Steam with Mulethi will detox the body and skin.

7. Mulethi Tea for Stomach Cleansing: Mulethi with Green tea and honey will help to remove toxic substances from the stomach.

8. Mulethi Diet for Good Sleep: Drinking Mulethi induced water at night may help to get good sleep.

How to Use

Usage Alerts of Licorice

1. Always use with the consultation of an Ayurvedic physician. Not advisable for children below 7 years and for women during pregnancy. Never use in diabetic conditions.

2. The shelf life of Mulethi in raw form is 9 months, and in powder form in 7 months.

3. If you are undergoing any kind of medication, consult a physician before consumption.

4. keep out from the reach of the children.

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Why Our Herbs are better?

◐ We, tryourherbs.com is a small batch herb collection company, and have no intensive farming and large Warehouses.  But we collect the best herbs in the Nation from all over Kerala and Southern Western Ghats parts of India. Our herb collectors collect the herbs early morning and dry it the same day it is harvested. Thus we ensure the herb power is locked in.

◐ We never test anything on animals and do sustainable plant marking to ensure the tree health and quality of habitat.

◐ We regulated our supply of herbs through authorized sources and ensure it is legally sourced according to the forest and wildlife acts.

ethical plant resourcing

◑ Our Plant Picking People are our Prime Asset and Investment.

◑ These Tribal People are Wise, They Know How to Pick a Plant Part for Medicine.

◑ They Never Destroy the full Plant. They Took Only What They Need. 

Drying the Herb Takes All

◒ We Never Air Dry the Herbs.

◒ Plant Pickers Dry the Herbs on Hot Rocks of Western Ghats Valley.

◒ We Never Dump Herbs in Dusty, Mouldy Warehouses. We Dry Herbs According to Demand.

Our Signature Recipe with Mulethi

Excellent Quality
It was your Mulethi that changed my tastes. Now your Mulethi is my favorite Sugar alternative. It has excellent quality and sweetness. Greetings to you.
Juthika Joshi, Ahmedabad
Verified Buyer

Powder is Thick
Thanks for explaining the qualities of Licorice. I have been using your Licorice for about three months. It gives excellent results. I made fine powder with Licorice and the powder seemed thick and extraordinarily sweet.
Vandana Goyal, Mumbai
Verified Buyer

Surprising Freshness
Many times I bought Licorice from other merchants. I received the Licorice you sent last week. It has a surprising freshness. Thank you.
Simlin Madan, Rajkot
Verified Buyer

Quality Mulethi
A friend of mine (he is an Ayurvedic doctor) told me to use Mulethi for the treatment of skin pigmentation. He is the one who suggested your store. I got quality Mulethi and I’m happy. Greetings.
Janki Mariappan, Tirupati
Verified Buyer

Perfect Licorice Toner
I started using your Licorice as per the advice of your herb consultation section. I have been using your Licorice toner for about two months now. I think there is no better way than this to moisturize the skin. Thank you for providing such quality herbs.
Asha Guha, Delhi
Verified Buyer

Thank You
I received your Licorice last week. I made a powder with it. Mulethi powder is thick and fragrant. Thank you for providing quality Licorice.
Janki Waghmode, Dharamsala
Verified Buyer

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Pack Contains 400 / 900 Grams of Pure Mulethi Powder. You Feel the Color and Exhale the Aroma. Divine..!

Like Every Herbs in Nature, these herbs May or Mayn’t Work on Your Skin. It Depends So Many Things. Your Diet, Lifestyle, Attitude… so on… Mother Earth Never Cure in a Day. It’s a Lifelong Process. The Only Thing We can Do is… TRUST… 

Yes. Your Skin Type Doesn’t Matter. Your Attitude Matter. 

According to various studies, There is none or least Known Side Effects of Using this herb. If you have any doubts on usage, WhatsApp us on +91 9747709272.

Being Nature is a Choice. You can Decide It. Once You Attain Your Beauty Goal, You can Go for Your Regular Creams and Toners, Or else Continue With the Magic of the herb.  

If you need to know other usages of this herb, please send a WhatsApp message to +91 9747709272. We are happy to help.  

Not Advisable for Children Under 9 Years Old. It’s a Unisex herb.

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Herb Collection No: 31 / 400 - 900 Grams

Pure Mulethi Powder from Kerala – Licorice, Liquorice, Yashtimadhu

48 Offline Reviews | ✦✦✦✦✧


₹ 90 / 100 Grams

With Free Delivery


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